Bud Spencer, Terence Hill, Sophia Loren, Alberto Sordi...are just some of the names that link Lugo to Italian and international cinema. In 1960 Vittorio de Sica filmed the La Riffa episode of the film Boccaccio 70 with diva Sophia Loren; in 1971 Bud Spencer presented the sequel to They call me Trinity at the Astra cinema; and in 1962 Alberto Sordi alternated filming The President of Borgorosso Football Club between the Valli winery and the Muccinelli stadium.

Every year we transform Lugo into a symbolic city of film culture by means of screenings, meetings, panel discussions and food and wine tours that tell the story of Lugo's connection to actors, producers and directors who have made film history.


It was October 21, 1971 when the world premiere of the sequel to one of the biggest hits of Italian cinema was presented in Lugo, at the former Astra. It was the film Trinity is Still my name, being released one year after that first They call me Trinity, which began and simultaneously consecrated the historical couple of Terence Hill and Bud Spencer

Lugo was selected as the location because on Jan. 15, 1930, the producer of both films, Italo Zingarelli, was born here, and who, in spite of his brilliant success and spotlight, always kept alive this relationship with his native land. Zingarelli had the courage to produce Barboni's proposed film (Trinity is still my name) at a time when the Western genre was in decline. What's more, it was a parody, making the gamble even greater. Spencer and Hill, who were bound to Zingarelli by contract, were given the lead parts in the films by the producer, thus he gets credit for their connection.


From a rib of the association, a group of members passionate about cinema was formed. In 2019 we began working to draw attention to the figure of Italo Zingarelli - born in Lugo; to this end we met with institutional figures - the Mayor and the Municipality of Lugo, the Cineteca di Bologna - and linked to Italo and his films - his children Sandra, Fabio and Sergio (whom a group of us went to meet in Rome), his wife Maria Laura and the legendary Terence Hill. This gave rise to several ideas which birthed the project of a celebration of stories, history and events that would highlight Zingarelli, the films that featured him and the vital contribution of the city of Lugo.